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EZ-FLO is a world leader in automatic dispensing systems and solutions for commercial, municipal, school and residential landscapes.

EZ-FLO is also used in commercial grower applications to reduce the complexity of fertigation compared to traditional injectors.

The combination of fertilizing through your irrigation system (called "fertigation") provides plants with essential nutrients through the plant's leaves and roots. Since most of the fertilizer gets absorbed directly into the plant, fertilizer run-off is virtually eliminated. Fertigation also improves the plant's efficiency in holding water through an increase in root mass thereby reducing total water needed.

We believe that everyone should "Fertilize Responsibly™".

Our units can dispense more than just fertilizers. EZ-FLO dispensers can all deliver repellants/controls as well as soil supplements and bio-stimulants to address other landscape concerns.

EZ-FLO's products are well suited for all sizes of landscapes. Nurseries and Specialty Growers are also discovering the simplicity  EZ-FLO dispensers in support of their operations and the lower maintenance savings that comes from having no moving parts.



EZ-FLO is a world leader in injection equipment for the horticultural industry.  EZ-FLO has a 20 year history of unsurpassed quality, reliability and ease of use which has set EZ-FLO apart from many competing technologies.  EZ-FLO systems are available for virtually every type of application.  From the smallest home garden, to entire residential or commercial landscapes, to city parks, sports fields or acres of crops, EZ-FLO offers the equipment to do the job. 

All EZ-FLO equipment is designed to deliver virtually any type of liquid or water soluble product.  Systems can be connected to a hose bib, a drip system or an irrigation system.  EZ-FLO's patented technology can use fully concentrated liquid (no premixing required) or water soluble products and deliver them quickly or in small micro-doses every time you water, creating superior nutrient uptake and more beautiful results.  

This technique of applying products through the water is called "fertigation".  Fertigation is a sustainable horticultural practice which has many environmental benefits, such as saving water and eliminating the pollution common with other methods of horticultural care .   Click here for more information.

Even though EZ-FLO systems can dispense virtually any liquid or water soluble product, we offer a full line of horticultural care products that have undergone EZ-FLO's rigorous product testing procedures and have proven to provide superior results.  


Check out these exciting new products! 

EZ-GRO 23-13-10 Organically Balanced Water Soluble Fertilizer combines synthetic plant nutrients with organic bio-stimulants to provide the best results.  Years of testing have led to the development of this product.  Just the right combination of organics in this formulation provide incomparable results.  Click on the image for more information.


EZ-FLO 1010-HB One gallon hose drip system for constant pressure installations.  This system is the perfect choice to feed multiple zones automatically with a hose timer.  Click on the image for more information.

EZ-FLO HI-FLO systems for Commercial Landscape, Sports Turf, Golf and Agriculture.  These systems provide a unique level of ease of use, flexibility and durability to large applications.  Click on the image for more information.