Fertilizing Through a Drip System

Learn why integrating an EZ-FLO fertigation system into your new or existing drip irrigation system can help improve the look, health and vitality of your plant material.

Also see how EZ-FLO can conserve even more water!


Welcome to EZ-FLO Fertilizing Systems

Since you clicked on our ad, you must be interested in learning more about using a fertigation system to dispense fertilizers through a drip irrigation system.  Using our banner headings above, you can explore the rest of our website.

EZ-FLO is the #1 manufacturer of inexpensive fertigation options for drip systems.  Benefits to using EZ-FLO:

Micro-dosing.  Our main-line units proportion at ranges from 400:1 to 15,000:1 concentrations while our hose and drip units proportion at ranges for 100:1 to 1,000:1.  With micro-dosing you can feed plant materials constantly without the worry of burning or over fertilizing.  Micro Dosing is the superior way to feed all plants whether it be trees, shrubs, flowers, grass or specialty plant materials (grapes, vegetables etc.).  For proof as to why fertigation is the superior way to feed all plants see Fertilize Responsibly™ and Fertigation Benefits

No moving parts.  EZ-FLO's patented flow technology allows us to precisely proportion fertilizers and supplements into irrigation water streams without the need for electric pumps or mechanically driven geared units. Lower initial equipment cost, lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Water soluble or liquid fertilizers. You can use any quality non-hazardous water soluble or liquid fertilizer in an EZ-FLO system.  Not restricted to liquids only, due to patented agitation technology.  No clogging or plugging of drip emitters.

Integrates with all manufacturer's drip products.  Whether you are looking at commercial or residential drip product manufacturers, EZ-FLO can be integrated in most systems as a simple add on.  Manufacturer's supported include Netafim®, DIG®, Antelco®, Salco®, Rainbird® Rain Drip®, Agrifim®, Toro®, RainBird® and Orbit®.  These companies sell products that deliver water efficiently.  EZ-FLO sells complementary products that make plants more efficient in using the water they are provided and improves the results you get from the systems listed.

Fertilize Responsibly™is a trademark of EZ-FLO Injection Systems, Inc.  Other trademarks listed above are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Save Even More Water

EZ-FLO can save you even more water by improving the efficiency of water absorption by plants.  We do this by increasing the size and absorption effectiveness of the root mass.  This is done by presenting fortified and nutrient rich water to the roots of plants.  Typical water savings of 20-30% can be secured when used in combination with existing drip systems.

We have documented the research of  the superiority of fertilizing through an irrigation water stream in our whitepaper "Why is it Important to Fertilize Responsibly?"

If you have a drip system, why not make it more effective by including an EZ-FLO system in the package?  Architects and Designers, please see our section with CAD elements and other resources to integrate EZ-FLO into your next drip irrigation, ,icro-spray or other high efficiency water design.


EZ-FLO Hose Bib and Drip Systems Feed through a Garden Hose, Drip System or After the Irrigation Zone Valve Every time You Water

EZ-FLO Hose Bib and Drip Systems can be connected in a variety of ways. Most people attach the unit to a standard exterior water faucet with anti-siphon protection (hose bib) existing on most homes. In addition, it can be connected to an existing sprinkler or drip irrigation system after any valve as long as the unit is only under pressure while it is operating.

Here are two common installation options for a Hose Bib and Drip system:

EZ-FLO Hose and Drip Systems are Easy to Install and Easy to Use

EZ-FLO Hose and Drip systems can be installed in minutes by the average homeowner and are great for use when you don't have a dedicated irrigation system or want to separately address certain types of plants that require specialty garden fertilizers and supplements.

The standard hose installation includes the hose bib adapter. If the hose bib is not separately protected from backflow then a standard anti-siphon valve will also need to be purchased (Part #3050). In order to convert a Hose and Drip feeder to single sprinkler valve connection, a separate conversion kit is available for purchase (Part #THD-CNV). Finally heavy duty shutoff valves can be separately purchased to isolate the unit from the water stream for when you wash the car or when you need clear water from the hose end. (Part #SOV). These shut-off valves have quick connects that eliminate the need to screw the tubing onto the cap when refilling.

It is important to note that the tanks of these units are made of polyethylene plastic that is not designed to withstand constant water pressure. They need to be depressurized after each use in order to ensure a long service life. They can handle up to 80 PSI (5.5 bars) in their operating mode which is the normal maximum pressure limit for most plumbing systems. All standing water pressure should be relieved after each use.

Examples of End Devices that Can be Used with a Hose and Drip System

There are many end devices that can distribute fertilizer and supplements to your landscape including your favorite hand-held spray nozzles and lawns sprinklers and as well as single zone spray, micro spray and drip emitters.






All in all, a very flexible system for many homeowners, nurseries and growers.