EZ-FLO Lawn and Garden Feeders

EZ-FLO has been manufacturing lawn and garden feeders since the early 1990's and we have sold tens of thousands of these units to gardening enthusiasts to help them get the maximum benefit from a proportioning feeder.

Gardeners use EZ-FLO by simply attaching it to a standard water faucet (hose bib) and filling it with their favorite plant nutrients or supplements.   An optional connection kit allows the unit to be permanently attached to any in-ground irrigation system as long as it is attached after a zone valve (to eliminate standing pressure in the unit).

Gardeners have long loved this unit for its ability to feed their flowers, trees, shrubs and lawns without constantly refilling the tank.  EZ-FLO units can easily be moved among different hose bibs to feed multiple areas.

EZ-FLO units come in three tank sizes:

  3/4 gallon (2.8 liters)
  1.3 gallon (5 liters)
  3 gallon (11.4 liters)

A hose bib conversion kit for British Stand Thread sizing available for metric applications.


Welcome Gardening How To Subscribers!!

We are thrilled to be featured by the National Home Gardening Club family and hope that you find that our products meet your gardening needs.  Although you may have experienced other types of fertilizer injectors (Hozon siphon mixers that work via suction and has high pressure loss or the Scotts Miracle-GroŽ Garden Feeder ™ that ties you to proprietary fertilizers and is not adjustable), we have developed something much different and have been awarded 9 US patents on our revolutionary flow technology. 

Why have we sold so many of these units over the years? 

Because our units work for people serious about their gardening!  It's that simple--and we make it simple for you.  Read on to learn more about EZ-FLO and why we are so highly rated.

Explore our website using the pull-down menus across the top to see other types of products that are available through our distributors.  We make heavier-duty, in-line systems for permanent attachment to your in-ground irrigation system and can recommend a number of fertilizers, repellants and soil fertility products that work well with our feeders.  Remember though, the choice of what you put in your EZ-FLO system is yours.  We don't tie you to any proprietary products.  Use your favorite liquid or water soluble products.  Our units have the strength to pull out even the heaviest organic products including fulvic and humic acids.

Just use common sense and don't dispense anything that is hazardous to people, animals or the environment!

EZ-FLO Lawn and Garden Feeders are Easy to Install and Easy to Use

EZ-FLO systems can be installed in minutes by the average homeowner and are great for use when you don't have a dedicated irrigation system or want to separately address certain types of plants that require specialty garden fertilizers and supplements.   Our units are adjustable to allow higher or lower concentration ratios depending on our need.  If you want you can use some of the best selling consumer fertilizers (like Miracle GRO) but we recommend other professional brands like Peters, Grow More or Plant Marvel commercial grade water solubles as a better value.

The standard hose installation includes the hose bib (faucet) adapter. If the hose bib is not separately protected from backflow then a standard anti-siphon valve should also be purchased (available as Part #3050) to protect the water supply in your house from a backflow event.   In order to convert a Lawn and Garden feeder to single sprinkler valve connection that exists on your in-ground irrigation system, a separate conversion kit is available for purchase (Part #THD-CNV). Finally heavy duty shutoff valves can be separately purchased to isolate the unit from the clear water stream for when you wash the car or when you need clear water from the hose end. (Part #SOV). These shut-off valves have quick connects that eliminate the need to screw the tubings back onto the cap when refilling.

It is important to note that the tanks of these units are made of polyethylene plastic that is not designed to withstand constant water pressure when they are not in use. They need to be depressurized after each use in order to ensure a long service life. They can handle up to 80 PSI (5.5 bars) in their operating mode which is the normal maximum pressure limit for most plumbing systems. All standing water pressure should be relieved after each use.

Any End of Hose Attachment Can be Used with your EZ-FLO Unit

Most people place the EZ-FLO unit at the hose bib so that they do not have to lug anything around.  You can use your favorite end of hose attachment instead of some cumbersome or heavy end-of-hose sprayer.  There are many end devices that can distribute fertilizer and supplements to your landscape including your favorite lawns sprinklers and hand-held spray nozzles and as well as single zone spray nozzles, micro spray heads, drip emitters and sub-surface drip tape.





Models and Sizes and Where to Buy

EZ-FLO manufactures three sizes of Lawn and Garden Feeders (what we also affectionately call our Hose and Drip systems) with the size of the unit being the capacity of the holding tank for the concentrated solutions you will be using. EZ-FLO manufactures systems in the following tank sizes:

Model #

Tank Capacity

Suggested MSRP

EZ 2005-HB .75 gallon (2.8  liters) $57.99
EZ 2013-HB 1.33 gallon (5.0  liters) $71.99
EZ 2030-HB 3 gallon (11.4 liters) $88.99


Hose and Drip Systems instructions are available by clicking on this link.

The following are selected authorized distributors for EZ-FLO Hose and Drip systems. We do not sell direct to consumers so you will need to find a specialty garden center or internet or catalog retailers that carry our products.  To get to their websites, click on the company icon.


The Drip Store




Irrigation Mart

Grangetto's Farm & Garden


A. M. Leonard




EZ-FLO Systems Feed through a Garden Hose, Drip System or After the Irrigation Zone Valve Every time You Water

EZ-FLO Hose Bib and Drip Systems can be connected in a variety of ways. Most people attach the unit to a standard exterior water faucet with anti-siphon protection (hose bib) existing on most homes. In addition, it can be connected to an existing sprinkler or drip irrigation system after any valve as long as the unit is only under pressure while it is operating.

Here are two common installation options for a Hose Bib and Drip system:

Fertilizer Distribution Rates

EZ-FLO's patented flow technologies ensure that the proportion of fertilizer to water remains constant from the beginning of the cycle until the tank is depleted of fertilizer. For a detailed look at how EZ-FLO's technology works see our Technical Specifications. All EZ-FLO fertigation units have an adjustable cap with four basic settings relating to the amount of fertilizer mixed with the water.  The proportioning rate is determined by the connection type with the hose bib connection feeding at a faster rate than when a coupling connection is used.

Hose Bib &
Drip Cap Setting
Hose Bib
Feed Ratio
Feed Ratio
Slow 1,000 to 1 15,000 to 1
   1 500 to 1 8,000 to 1
   2 250 to 1 2,000 to 1
Fast 100 to 1 400 to 1

The following table shows actual fertilizer proportioning rates (ounces, teaspoons and milliliters) the at the various cap settings along with the approximate gallons (kiloliters) to empty:

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